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Formerly named “The War in Him”, currently called “Buried Wounds”. An interactive graphic novel project. Winner of the CQAM & Turbulent artist residency in 2017.

  • Working on a personal project

    Working on a personal project

    People in my family don’t talk about what’s wrong or the bad things that happened to them. They hate to complain. They are survivors. There’s this common cliché about never losing face in ‘Asian culture’. Well, I can’t speak for an entire continent, but my family holds this concept very, very highly.

  • Why now?

    Why now?

    I realized I haven’t pitched the game properly here, so here’s what I currently have in my GDD: Buried Wounds is an interactive graphic novel about the memories of a war veteran, where the player acts as a narrator: They dive into the troubled mind of a survivor, navigate through a constellation of vivid scenes…

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    Heck why?

    Some words about who I am and why I started this crazy project on my own.