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  • A thing about my dad

    On one summer day, my father showed me a game he was playing. At that time I was in my late twenties, working on and off in the game industry; my dad was in his late sixties and already retired. I can’t remember the game’s title, but it was a First-Person hunting game, where the…

  • hiccups

    Poem based on a /r/writingprompts (Reddit)

  • White Russian

    A very short, incomplete story set in a distant future, based on a /r/writingprompts (Reddit)

  • Je vous emmerde

    On m’a dit ça une fois ou deux, ouvertement, que j’étais du genre ‘cérébrale’, ‘assise dans son cerveau’. On a souvent sous-entendu que je me posais trop de questions, que franchement, j’allais chercher la petite bête. Que j’imaginais des trucs. Peut-être que j’ai pas choisi mon métier pour rien. L’écriture, les mots, les significations. Aux…

  • Directed Project 2020 – Entry #10

    About how we may need more wackiness to make more ethical game systems and narratives

  • Press X to feel accountable

    Is accountability and soul-searching as easy as pressing X? More ramblings about narrative design and ‘symbolic inputs’

  • Directed Project 2020 – Entry #9

    About getting some work done through disorganized notes

  • Directed Project 2020 – Entry #8

    About not getting anything done and questioning everything

  • Directed Project 2020 – Entry #7

    In moments like these, it is tough to be part of both the game industry and academia. It’s tiring. It’s harder to just brush things aside and keep going. I’m trying to design a game about trust, while working in fields that are unsafe to so many people — including me. There’s always a moment…

  • Shoes that don’t fit

    Imagine that the only shoes available to you always hurt. No matter which pair you try on, they always make your feet bleed like hell. And everyone tells you it’s not because the shoes are wrong, it’s because your feet are weird. So you have to find a way to fit your feet in these…